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The list of options in the types and brands of coffee is complete. The customer discovers the complexity of the beans from different countries and coffee farms. All companies available to the consumer.

The process that gives us pressure, the taste of the heart of coffee. Special roasted specialty coffee beans are used. Enjoy the perfumes and the numerous blends that you can choose from.
Espresso with less water, ie small and strong 10-20 ml.
Let more water pass through the filter, so the espresso coffee becomes lighter.
Double dose of coffee about 60 ml. For many countries you consider the usual amount of espresso.
Espresso and hot water, equal doses of coffee and water where water is added to the coffee. Americano was created during World War II to reduce the strong flavor of traditional espresso.
Espresso with a little hot milk.
A small amount of milk or frothed milk. In Italy it is served as macchiato caldo (hot) and macchiato freddo (cold), depending on the temperature of the milk. which is added.
Espresso with sour cream.
Coffee with milk. Serve with hot milk over coffee.
1/3 espresso and 2/3 hot milk with frothed milk.
Cold espresso is mixed with a shaker served with ice cubes in a tall glass.
Double dose of espresso in a tall glass with ice, ice milk and hot frothed milk.

Queen's turn came to stay! Queen chocolates bring out intense and realistic aromas in all their flavors. Ideal for both hot and cold drinks. Create the most delicious chocolate with the classic or combine it with espresso for a perfect Mochaccino.
Cocoa butter and vanilla came together to create the ultimate white chocolate. For a creamy texture, increase the cooking time and enjoy it as velvet!
Unique Bueno cream! Totally tempting and addictively delicious as a Bueno snack!
Classic and favorite flavor with a strong hazelnut aroma reminiscent of a delicacy!
The sweet and bitter cinnamon is combined with the citrus orange, creating a balance and a particularly tasty result, ideal for winter.
Vanilla aroma and cookie in a unique combination of flavors and aromas that you will love!
The most popular and favorite choice of young and old! Strawberry chocolate or Lila pause!
Tirare mi su means in Italian "lift me up"! Like Tiramisu dessert, this chocolate will surely lift you up with its unique taste.

Special beverages
An instant coffee and espresso drink, in a perfectly balanced combination.
A white chocolate drink with a dose of espresso and caramel syrup.
A milk chocolate drink with a dose of espresso, chocolate syrup and grated biscuit.
All your favorite drinks with oat milk.