Our vision

The Espresso World chain of stores is a large company that trades in coffee, beverages, coffee machines and related items that is growing and growing rapidly.

A few words
01.Our know-how

We offer our customers the best coffee blends at the best prices in the most functional and specialized way.

02.Our experience

We combine continuous training with the effort to become better every day, with our continuous research, we ensure that we are truly experts

03.With development plan

With a development plan of stores in the wider region of Greece, with a sales network that extends to the smallest corners of the country, it creates a sense of responsibility and our commitment to invest in our collaborations.

04.High specialization

We combine our specific knowledge with a deep understanding of our customers' needs. The excellent blends that you will find in our stores will make you "experts".

Complete list of options in coffee items and brands.
Coffees and drinks

in packages for home or office.

Delicious snacks

such as muffins but also savory options.


such as mugs, machines, etc. for home or office.

Our community

We invest in the trust, quality and continuous training of our people so that we can provide the best products at the best prices with the best services.
This is the connecting link between our partners.
Our stores are meeting places and hospitality of people who love coffee, who explore its flavors and enjoy the warm communication that only our coffee creates. And we are ready to share that with you...

Would you like to work with us?

ESPRESSO WORLD is not looking for investors or shopkeepers, it wants partners to share with them its passion for coffee and perfection. The relations of both the parent company with its associates, and of the respective store with its customers, go beyond the professional limits, with enthusiasm for the best, and constant communication with the consumer for the habit of good coffee with the greatest variety. Through their unique know-how and the training we provide, you become the espresso experts.

Espresso World