The business system of Espresso World

Espresso World's chain of stores is a large company that trades in coffee, beverages, coffee machines and related items and is growing rapidly.

Our know-how, our experience, our high specialization and our development plan are part of the way we work together.

We believe that the best game is the team game!

  • Modern and unique trade code.
  • Huge range of products and suppliers.
  • Training and support in organization and operation.
  • High profitability.
  • Differentiated design, modern and youthful, with the minimum required investment.
  • Flawless organization that leads to perfect customer service.
Privileges of cooperation

Growth in 3 different areas, beverage, retail and wholesale, that bring you great profitability.


Our experience and expertise in the big world of coffee, is now yours.

Marketing plan

With multiple design and based on local competition but also with pan-Hellenic promotional campaigns.


Preparatory, comprehensive and continuous staff training by certified instructors throughout the operation of the store.

What provides you ESPRESSO WORLD

Approval of candidate stores, as well as indication of available approved stores. Support in finding suitable stores.


Architectural design and decoration. Ergonomic and spatial planning.


Store configuration supervision. Ensuring proper operation of the store with the process of continuous monitoring.


Product range. Supply of basic equipment and consumables (glasses, uniforms, etc.) at preferential prices.


Initial entrepreneur training in management, human resource management, public relations, marketing.


Complete manual for organizing and operating a store.

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